The mission of MIND is to Mentor, Impact, Network, and Develop URiM (underrepresented in medicine) EUSOM Health Profession students by building support and inclusivity.

MIND aims to increase engagement between EUSOM URiM Health Profession students and EUSOM’s well-accomplished alumni base.

Health Profession students are learners who are enrolled in the following EUSOM Health Profession programs:

  • Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant (MMSc-PA)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy and DPT Dual Degrees
  • MMSc in Anesthesiology
  • MMSc in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling
  • Bachelor of Medical Science Medical Imaging (BMSc)


MIND seeks to connect EUSOM Health Profession students with URiM alumni in order for URiM students to benefit from the experiences and knowledge of EUSOM URiM alumni.

Alumni mentors provide an invaluable service to URiM students by providing advice that can help them succeed in graduate school and better understand the health profession field.

The program provides additional support for EUSOM Health Profession students who self-identify as underrepresented in medicine (URiM).


Program Overview

MIND pairs interested URiM students with alumni. Alumni can serve as an objective sounding board for students. They will be able to share their own professional experience, competencies, and areas of expertise. This support includes mentoring students on topics relevant to their professional experience, competencies, and areas of expertise.

While EUSOM URiM student participants can gain a wealth of insider knowledge and connections, alumni benefit from the program as well by being able to meet current students and getting to make a difference, in a personal way, in the next generation of alumni.

MIND participants will be encouraged to check-in at least once a month. We hope that these interactions will facilitate a more personal and substantive mentoring relationship. 

The MIND Program Director, Dr. LaToya Rolle, will host quarterly webinars for mentor/mentee pairs to attend. These webinars will provide opportunities to foster further discussions and increase your mentoring relationship.