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Yolanda van der Vyver

Halle Fulbright South Africa Distinguished Chair

Areas of Expertise

History and Theory of South African Architecture; The Convergence of Law, Religion and Architecture


Yolanda van der Vyver holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of the Free State, and a Masters degree in Architecture and an Honours in French from the University of Pretoria. She has been a practicing architect since 1996 and is a founding member of Y+K Architects. She completed the Fellowship Exam of the Association of Arbitrators and is a member of both the International and the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS and ACLARS). She started attending the annual ACLARS conferences, which is held in a different African country ever year, in 2016 and has contributed to every annual ACLARS publication since 2017. She is currently the Copy Editor of the South African Journal of Art History, in which she has also published various peer-reviewed articles. Her interests include interdisciplinary study and the convergence of law, religion and architecture.