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Scholar in the Spotlight: Professor Margo Bagley

Launching a project in Malawi utilizing near-infrared spectrometers paired with smart phones to detect falsified medicines. Participating in a pan-African consultative conference to help formulate Ethiopia’s negotiating position at the November 2018 UN Biodiversity Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Contributing as legal expert in Geneva for the African Group of the World Intellectual Property Organization at an expert workshop to develop African Group positions for all of the different committees in the WIPO. Cohosting a conference at the London School of Economics on synthetic biology and the Nagoya Protocol.

These are just a sampling of Professor Margo Bagley’s contributions to international intellectual property and global health. Professor Bagley’s teaching has also taken her abroad to Singapore, Germany, Israel, and Cuba. She notes that “the wonderful thing about teaching international and comparative patent law internationally, and even in the U.S. — because I will often have students with international backgrounds — is the diversity of views and experiences. It all makes for very rich dialogue during class.”

Perhaps surprisingly, Professor Bagley did not take any international law courses when she was a student here at Emory. Nevertheless, she heartily explained, “there have been so many times where I wish I had. It would have been helpful. It would have made so many things so much easier. So, take international law if you can!”

When asked if she had any advice for students, Professor Bagley said, “Find something that you are interested in, do it, and do it well. Doing things well will open up opportunities for you. And having it be something that you have an interest in, even if not quite a passion, although a passion is really great, is going to increase the likelihood that you are going to do it well.”