Student Profiles

Picture of My Nguyen

My Nguyen
Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences, MPH '22

"...Rollins’ emphasis on both having research and academic knowledge in applied field work appealed to me as someone who came straight from undergrad."...

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picture of Benard Owusu Agyare

Bernard Owusu Agyare
Hubert Department of Global Health, MPH '22

“Professors are eager to help you grow academically and professionally. Before I came to Rollins, Dr. Leon called me and spoke to me about the available opportunities here.”...

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Picture of Emily Olack

Emily Olack
Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health, MPH '22

“Even remotely, networking with fellow classmates and likeminded individuals has been amazing. The people at Rollins want to be there. We all similarly want to help the world and people on an individual level.”...

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picture of Aly Drame

Aly Drame
Executive MPH Program, Applied Epidemiology Track, MPH '22

“At Rollins, you are never going to be alone. There will always be somebody to speak to or somebody to support you.”...

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Picture of Christine Doyle Opela

Christine Doyle Opela, RN, BSN
Executive MPH Program, Prevention Science Track, MPH '22

“The EMPH program has been unbelievable. It is very interactive and hands-on. Most everything I am graded on are projects and deliverables. It is not about sitting in front of the computer and taking exams.”...

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Picture of Chenmua Yang

Chenmua Yang
Global Epidemiology, MPH '22

“I don’t think I would be able to be so connected to community health work, engaging in work on a partner level as opposed to academia, if it wasn’t for Rollins.”...

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picture of Antonio Henry

Antonio Henry
Health Policy and Management, MPH '22

“I wanted to get research experience and dig into the higher-level systemic and structural determinants of public health, and learn about how care is delivered at large.”...

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Picture of Zoey Zuo

Zoey Zuo
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, MSPH '22

"They taught me how to combine mathematical and computer science theory and bring them into the real world."...

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