BA/BS-MSPH in Biostatistics

Through this joint Emory College and Rollins program, students can complete a bachelor of arts degree at Emory College (most likely with a major concentration in Mathematics and Computer Sciences,) and a master of science in public health (MSPH) in biostatistics at Rollins in five years.


Students typically apply for admission to the program early in their junior year at Emory College, and learn of their acceptance into the program later that year. Accepted students can enroll for up to 12 credit hours during their senior year. Courses students take during their senior year count toward degree requirements for both their BA/BS degree and their MSPH degree.

The Department of Biostatistics will review student applications (and may choose to interview them as part of the process) and make the admissions decision in consultation with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

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Admission Requirements

  • Mathematics 111, 112, 211, 221, 361 and 362
  • A background in the biological sciences is preferable but not required.
  • Strong academic standing
  • BA/BS-MSPH Application

How To Apply

To apply, please complete the application and email it to Associate Director of Academic Programs (ADAP), Melissa Sherrer, at

Melissa Sherrer


Once students are admitted to the program, they will be assigned an academic advisor at Rollins whom they may consult in addition to their undergraduate academic advisor.

BA/BS-MSPH Degree Requirements

Bachelor’s degree

Students must meet all Emory College requirements for their bachelor’s degrees.

Applied Practice Experience

All Rollins MPH and MSPH students are required to complete a minimum of 200 hours applied practice experience (APE). The APE is a unique opportunity for graduate students to integrate and apply practical skills and training learned through coursework in a professional public health work environment. In most cases, students can use a part-time work position, graduate assistantship, or internship to meet the APE requirement. The APE is a significant educational experience that requires a minimum of 200 clock hours in a public health agency, institution, or community under the supervision of a field supervisor and the guidance of the student's department and/or the Office of Career Development. 

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Tuition and Financial Aid

As a BA/BS-MSPH student, you will be charged the per semester tuition for dual degree students in your 5th year. To assist with costs, you can compete for (limited) merit-based scholarships and apply for loans as a graduate student through the Office of Financial Aid.