Research Administration

RSPH Payment and Purchasing - An Overview

Basics on How to Pay:

To pay for travel (except for conference registrations made with the P-Card) - use the Corporate T-Card (travel card) or personal card and submit an expense report via Compass upon return

Use the P-Card for research-related incidentals (supplies) needed in the field; work-related groceries, boxed lunches, business meals, or catering; registrations; licenses; subscriptions; and coffee or water service

Use Emory Express (and preferred vendors whenever possible) for all other purchases

To make payments to non-employees, use Compass Accounts Payable functions

To make payments to Companies, use Emory Express

To make wire payments within the US, use Emory Express Wire Payment functionality

Process International Currency Wire Payments via the form provided on the Procure and Pay Forms Page

Business Meals - When Are They Reimbursable?

Employee Gifts and Celebrations Policy

Emory University Corporate Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)

  • Access and Training for P-Cards
  • Finance Division P-Card Training Materials
  • P-Card Cardholder Change Request Form
  • P-Card Do's and Dont's

    - how to use your card, comply with policy, stay out of trouble, keep your P-Card (and your job)!

    • Your card was issued in your name - do not ever share your card and allow another person to use it or sign for your transactions
    • Your transaction limit for a single is $1,499.00. Any purchases above this amount must be made through other means, such as Emory Express
    • If you have a time-limited specific need for a one-time purchase above the limit for single transaction, you may contact the P-Card Manager for RSPH: Rhonda Burke or Phyllis Peninger AND the Corporate Card Program Administrator for Emory University, Tascha Short for a one-time, time-limited increase to your card limit for a specific business purpose. Please send the details for the request in writing via e-mail PRIOR to making the purchase. IF this one-time increase to the card limit is approved, you will receive notice via e-mail.
    • Do not split the cost of a purchase over multiple receipts, transactions, or cards to avoid the upper card limit, even if the vendor offers to do so - it is a violation of Emory University policy
    • If you need to purchase gift cards for study participant incentives, see the study participant incentive materials on this website for the guidelines and requirements and do not exceed the transaction limit without PRIOR written approval from Phyllis Peninger or Rhonda Burke and Tascha Short
    • If you use the P-Card to purchase gift cards for employees, you must also submit the required payroll form (see the gifts policy)
    • P-Cards may not be used to purchase gift cards or bereavement gifts for non-Emory employees.
    • Bereavement purchases over $75.00 require approval by Dean Curran per University policy
    • Receipts must be delivered to RSPH Business Services within 5 business days of the purchase. Receipts must be itemized receipts. They must be taped to a sheet of 8.5" x 11"paper. The smartkey to be charged must be indicated on the sheet of paper. The receipts need to be attached to the P-Card Receipt Approvals Form. Purchases being charged to a sponsored program smartkeys require the PI signature approval. Purchases being charged to department program smartkeys require the Department Chair signature.
    • You should review your statement online each month to ensure the charges and amounts are accurate
    • If you have a credit on your card you need to provide documentation - the receipt, signature approval on the receipt form, and the reasons for the credit. RSPH Business Services has to have documentation for every transaction on the card, even credit.
  • P-Card Policies

  • P-Card Receipt Approvals Form
  • P-Card Sales Tax Exemption Letter

Emory University Corporate Travel Cards (T-Cards)

  • Receipt Policy, Per Diem Rates, and Meals Policy
    • For any trip you must decide if you will use the per diem or receipts. You may not use both on the same trip. If you choose per diem, be careful not to charge any foods or beverages to your hotel bill (will be considered a receipt)
    • RSPH Business and Finance requires itemized receipts for all items for which you request reimbursement.
    • If you do not have an itemized receipts, you must submit a Lost or Destroyed Receipt Affidavit Form
    • Domestic Travel Per Diem Rates
      • $37.50/day for travel days
      • $50.00/day for non-travel trip days
      • Alcohol should always be separated out from food charges
      • If you lose or inadvertently destroy a receipt, you must submit a completed a signed Lost or Destroyed Receipt Affidavit Form

Required Air Travel Vendors

Travel Policies

Unallowable Expenses on Federally Sponsored Programs

  • office supplies
  • postage and mailing
  • FedEx and other express mailing or courier services
  • telephone equipment
  • cellular phones
  • pagers
  • books/subscriptions/periodicals
  • general purpose equipment (computers, fax machines, office furniture, file cabinets)
  • membership dues
  • faculty/staff recruitment and relocation
  • building maintenance
  • food/refreshments
  • reprints

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