Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Emory College Students

  • Emory University (EU) students must meet the student requirements as set by Emory Pre-Health Advising (PHA) and Emory Healthcare.
  • Emory students must complete the PHA Observership Form and Essay Question. 
  • If all Observership Prerequisites have been met, the Emory University student will receive an Observership Attestation from PHA. From this point, the EU student must satisfy the requirements and complete all forms required by the Emory Healthcare Observership Policy. The sponsor or hosting department may assist the EU student to gather requirements.
  • Emory University students must receive the Observership Attestation from PHA and be granted approval from the Emory Healthcare Department in which the observation will take place, before Chief Medical Office (CMO) approval of observation arrangement.
  • Emory University students will be required to submit a final reflection report at the end of the Observership experience.

Non-Emory Premedical Students

Please direct all inquiries to the Office of Observership Credentialing: