Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

PA Program Open House

Class of 2023 Demographic Data*

Gender, age and diversity

# of students: 54
Male: 16%
Female: 84%
Average age: 26.1 (21 - 54)
Diversity URM: 35%
Veterans: 4%

Prior Advanced Degrees

Advanced Degrees (Masters or PhD): 18%
Dual Degree MPH-PA: 0

GPA and GRE scores

Cumulative: 3.63
Science: 3.65

Experience and volunteer hours

Health Care Experience: 4,818 hours (Range - 2020 -20,800)
Humanitarian volunteer hours: 983 (Range - 0 - 9,701)

*Although the demographic data outlined represents the range of qualifications among accepted candidates, each application is evaluated on its individual merits. Evidence of academic potential, knowledge of the health care system, motivation, personal maturity, self-assurance, and good interpersonal skills weigh strongly in the admission decision.